Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am looking for the Bolter or Barsby styles but cannot find them on your website?

A.  Unfortunately we do not have any stock of these styles remaining. Due to manufacturing supply chain issues for the custom strap components we are not sure if, or when, we will have them in stock again. 

Q. What is the delivery time on order?

A. Orders are generally processed within 24 hours of receipt, with delivery occuring within 7-10 days thereafter via Australia Post or courier.

Q. Do you have any retail outlets or stockists where I can see your product?

A. At this time we only sell online.

Q. My Original Automatic watch is losing time, what can I do?

A. If the mainspring in the movement isn't kept wound then the watch will lose time. If you aren't wearing it everyday then this is what would be happening. Once it is taken off you wrist the watch will start to lose significant time or stop after about 12-18 hours (dependant on how long it worn before taking it off as well).The best thing to do is get a watch winder which you can put the watch in when not wearing it and it will keep the movement ticking over. The movement used in this watch does have slight manufacturer (Citizen-Miyota) stated variance in it's time keeping ability, of +- 40 seconds per day at worst. If the watch is not keeping time outside of this variance when worn regularly then it may be faulty. 

Q. Are your watches able to be worn in the surf?

A. Our watches are pressure tested to 100 ATM or 200 ATM. This is more than adequate for watersports including surfing. 

Q. I am getting moisture inside glass on my watch?

A.  It is important to note our watches have a screw crown. The crown/winder is screwed in correctly otherwise water/moisture can enter the internal workings of the watch. If this hasn't occurred then generally speaking this indicates an issue with the seals on the watch - either the case back or the crown/winder which is accepted for repair or replacement during the warranty period.